Company photos and videos

Video to 135 anniversary of the company

The history of CHEMOLAK Inc. began in 1883, when the original production was founded by Earl Jozef Pálffy. Since then, the company has undergone a number of changes, mainly concerning the modernization of technological processes, making the production "green" and the expansion of the product portfolio.

Today, it proudly owns recipes to over 150 original products with growing popularity. Strict laboratory conditions, respect for traditions and the desire to experiment make CHEMOLAK a leader in the paint industry. It is mainly customer support and satisfaction that allows us to grow steadily.

CHEMOLAK headquarters

Paint production is a science. You may have never thought about what the contents of an open paint can or a bucket of paint are and how long it takes to manufacture them. Here at the headquarters in Smolenice, the complete production, including administration and dispatch of finished products, takes place. We will be happy to welcome you in the company shop in the plant area where we will be happy to advise you on our products. In addition to the friendly staff, you will be welcomed by the beautiful surroundings of the Smolenice with its castle.


The colour production in CHEMOLAK

You fulfill - I fulfill - we fulfill and love! A small demonstration of the manufacturing process of coating paint and other products of our company.