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Chemolak starý výrobný podnik

Chemolak Yesterday

Chemical production near Little Carpathians started in year 1883. Earl Joseph Palffy started processing of wood by dry distillation in new manufactory in Horné Orešany near Smolenice. They made products such as acetatic acid, acetone, calcium acetate, vegetable naphtha, tar, wood coal. The chemical manufacture Smolenice brought itself to notice of consumers in Austria, Germany and England. 70 km long narrow-gauge railway was a part of the manufacture. According to gradual introduction of new technologies, the range of products extended. They started to produce anhydrous lime, lime hydrate, methylalcohol , formaldehyde , etc.

Many of products made in the chemical manufactory were used as materials for production of paint and varnishes. As result, new production areas were built and in 1929 they started to produce paints and varnishes themselves.

The range of products includes empire, oil, nitrocellulose and spirit paints and varnishes. The beginnings of manufacture of alkyd resins date back to 1950. Production of paints and varnishes significantly raised and range of products has expanded about synthetic and latex paints. Constant demand for products and increasing requirements for production capacity have resulted in a building a new plant in Smolenice with a capacity 40 000 tonnes of products per year, which was put into operation in 1968. In the eighties a complex new brewhouse of resins with the most modern technologies, which allow preparation of semi-products for the manufacture of paints and varnishes with the highest parameters of quality was built. CHEMOLAK became known not only at home, but also in neighbouring countries.

Gradually, company move onto current production program, which includes paints, resins, adhesives, solvents and auxiliary products. In the first wave of voucher privatization in 1992 Chemolak was transformed into a joint-stock company.

Chemolak Today

The objective of today´s CHEMOLAK is constantly improving quality and range of offered assortment. Care about the environment and achieving of high professional standard of produced and packaged products is also very important. With help of introduction of progressive forms of production, modernization of technological processes, increase of employees professionalism, Chemolak is one of top companies in Europe.

This is confirmed by success in many areas and by obtaining several awards at international trade shows and exhibitions. According to the nature of production and the geographic location of the company, environmental protection is one of the strategic directions of development of the company.With the start of the new REACH legislation, company has focused on progressive ecologisation of production assortment and especially on reduction of volatile organic compounds (VOC) in products. By building of own retail network and distribution logistics, the company continually keeps a leading position in the market for decorative coatings.

Chemolak výroba podnik

This is confirmed also by new export territories and interest of foreign customers in our products. In the industrial segment the ambitious requirements of customers in surface treatment such as construction, engineering, transport technology and road infrastructure, energy, furniture and wood working industries are ensured. Production is intended for domestic as well as for challenging foreign markets. CHEMOLAK inc. is today a progressive, modern producer of paints, adhesives and resins with more than 135 years of experience, development and the actual scientific knowledge.

Chemolak has become flexible and reliable supplier of quality paints with the wide range of services, technical advice and dynamically evolving services.


Quality policy Chemolak

Company vision and mission

Our mission is to be a flexible and reliable supplier of quality paints with dynamically evolving services. Our goal is to satisfy customers and employees. Company Chemolak positively affects its environment by supporting development of the region in public, social and cultural areas.

Strategic Objectives of CHEMOLAK Inc.

The goal of today´s CHEMOLAK is to provide products that meet the parameters required by the market, to improve environment as well as to achieve high hygienic and aesthetic levels of manufactured products. Due to introduction of progressive forms of production, modernization of technological processes and professional growth of workers Chemolak ranks among the top factories for the production of paints.