Organizational structure and leadership

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Organizational structure


Chief executive director

Ing. Roman Šustek

strategic purchading, personnel-legal department, manager of quality


Executive director

Ing. Tomáš Černický

departement of ecology crisis management, projects manager, IT, purchasing department


Department of resin produciton director

Ing. Ľuboš Obert

division of resin production, technical dep.


Department of paint production

Ing. Renáta Hoblíková

division of production paints, storage of raw materials and packaging, development and quality dep.


Department of sales director

Ing. Ivan Bednár

dep. for sales of decorative segment and sales for industry, export dep., transport department, marketing dep., storage and shipment of finished products


Department of financial director

Ing. Vladimír Hacaj

dep. of chief accountant, division of calculations of prices, payroll department


Board of directors


chairman od the board

Ing. Roman Šustek


vice chairman of the board

Ing. Tomáš Černický


board member

Ing. Ivan Bednár


Board of supervisor


chairman of the supervisory board

Ing. Jozef Šnegoň

member of supervisory board

JUDr. Valéria Nídelová

member of supervisory board

Alena Škreková