1. April 2019

We are expanding the DREVOLUX product line

The new range of premium DREVOLUX products is designed exclusively for high quality wood and interior protection. Last year we introduced you to the stylish Drevolux Style and Impregragan wood oil. This season we have three innovations that complete the entire range of wood coatings. Therefore, the customer has a more specific choice for his application. For the annual treatment of your terrace we have included the Terrace Oil. Drevolux Decor can protect pergolas, gazebos, wooden fences or other wooden structures. The third novelty is Drevolux with the attribute Aqua decor, which does not smell, so it is suitable for indoor applications.  

5. March 2019

Reduction and optimization of product range

Dear business partner. CHEMOLAK a.s. has been striving to bring modern products to the market for the long term, combining the highest performance with...

4. February 2019

Chemolak is the general partner of the Slovak Painters Guild

At the beginning of the year, our company Chemolak a.s. became the general partner of the Slovak Painters Guild. Painters Guild is a voluntary...

4. February 2019

A comprehensive facade recovery system

Due to the effects of weather, especially increased humidity, there can be forming and multiplicating harmful microorganisms on your facade. Mushrooms and algae trapped...

17. December 2018

Thank you to customers and business partners

We thank our customers and business partners for their trust in 2018. With the arrival of the holidays, we wish you a Merry Christmas...