premium wood protection glazing — semi-matt


Chemolux Lignum is a thixotropic, semi-matt synthetic glazing for wood, based on a special resin containing a high amount of dry substance. It is used for wood protection of high quality in exteriors as well as in interiors, with the adequate elasticity of the coat film. It is characterized by high penetration of wood, excellent protection against UV radiation, enhanced resistance to weather conditions; it is hydrophobic thanks to added waxes. The product is ecological, contains no aromatic substances and, for this reason, the work with this glazing is more pleasant than with any standard glazings containing aromatic solvents. Special additives in the glazing protect the coat film against fungi and moulds.

In comparison with conventional glazings, Chemolux Lignum achieves optimum thickness and properties after two coatings. The glazing is applied and spread very well, whereas thorough distribution of the thixotropic glazing is the precondition for optimum coating thickness and required drying. Chemolux Lignum is suitable for coating wooden objects and constructions such as summer houses, pergolas, lower ceilings and gables, wood lining, cottages, wooden fences and handrails or garden furniture, windows, doors, etc

Thinner: without thinning
Informative coverage rate: 13 – 15 m²/l
Drying: touch dry 3 – 5 h, repaint 10 – 12 h


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  • deep wood penetration
  • interesting semi-matt appearance
  • long-term protection against UV radiation andadverse weather conditions
  • containing more than 60% of dry substance and fast drying
  • containing no aromatics

0,75 l
2,5 l

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