protective wood stains — silky glossy


is a thick-layered alkyd wood stain for wood in exterior and interior. It creates a thick layer on the surface, which excellently protects the wood against adverse weather conditions, UV radiance. It maintains the wood characteristics and preserves its natural beauty. The varnish is thixotropic, it is easy to apply on vertical surfaces and soffits.

Thinner: SYNRED S 6006
Informative vcoverage rate: 8 – 10 m²/l
Drying: touch dry: 6h, repaint: 24h


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  • protects against UV radiance, contains UV filter
  • forms a thicker protective layer
  • long-term protection against humidity and weather conditions
  • the coating is flexible, does not crack
  • does not flow, easy to apply
  • highlights the wood structure
  • with addition of wax

0,75 l
2,5 l

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