biocide impregnation for wood


is waterborne impregnate substance intended for preventive protection of wood against wood spoiling and coloring fungi and insects in exterior. It is used for protection of fresh wood, wooden building constructions, roof trusses, windows, doors, garden pergolas, cladding material, etc. Protection of wood against weather impact is necessary to ensure by coating of further layers, for example by varnishes S 1040, S 1025, V 2071, V 2079 or by others.

Thinner: without thinning
Informative coverage rate: aprox. 7-8 m²/l in one layer
Drying: touch dry 4-6 h


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icon exterior
icon wood
icon brush
icon spray-painting
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  • preventive wood protection in the exterior
  • protects against wood-destroying insects
  • protects against wood-destroying fungi and algae
  • water-based

Use biocide products safely! Read information on packaging or in attached documentation (safety or technical data sheet from producer) properly. Avoid leakage of biocide into environment. Do not use when air humidity is high or when there is a risk of rain. Biocide products cannot be used for surfaces in direct contact with ground or water.

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