cold applied plastic for road marking


CHEMOPLAST is two- component cold- applied plastic mass designated for horizontal road marking. It is dispersion of pigments, fillers, ballotini, and additives in a liquid of reactive resin in the acrylate monomers. Powdered dibenzoyl peroxide is used as a hardener. The content of involatile parts of consolidated mass is 99, 7%.

Plastic mass CHEMOPLAST can be used for thick-film horizontal road marking and the other asphalt areas by manual application. It is produced in the white shade. Before the use, the mass should be mixed with the powdered hardener in an appropriate rate according to the temperature and required speed of hardening. This mass is applied by casting and spreading with a colour blade in the amount of 3, 8 kg /m2 if the layer is 2mm thick. Immediately after the application, the coat is modified by pouring of ballotini SWARCO 100-600T14/G20 in the amount of 250g/m2.

Thinner: without thinning
Consolidator: hardener for Chemoplast
The rate of consolidation: According to the temperature and required speed of hardening

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  • long-term weather resistance
  • perfect anti-skib ability
  • appropriate for zebra crossing and manual horizontal road marking

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