Polyurethane two- component topcoat – glossy


It is designated for topcoat of metal grounds such as roofs, gates, fences, tanks, and different metal constructions, wooden and mineral surfaces and everywhere, where the high quality finish and resistance of the coating are needed. Together with primer CHEMOPUR G U 2061 it is approved for direct contact with drinking water and dry food.

Thinner: U 6051
Consolidator: U 7081 the rate of consolidation: 4:1      
Informative coverage rate: 10 -13 m2/l, 9 – 12 m2/kg in one layer
Drying: touch dry: 30 min., repaint: 24h


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  • Glossy topcoat for metal objects
  • High quality finish
  • Perfect resistance to weather conditions
  • Resistance to chemicals
  • Suitable for the contact with dry food and drinking water

0,8 l
4 l
8 l

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