Drevolux Terrace oil

Oil for Garden terrace


Drevolux terrace oil is designated for regular maintenance and protection of wooden terraces and different wooden walkable areas. It is good for the protection of the soft, hard and exotic wood in interior and exterior. The oil deeply penetrates into the wood, it protects the wood against the aging process, tries to postpone the results of humidity, UV rays and weather conditions. It retains the natural structure of the wood, highlights the pattern and enables the wood to breathe. It does not crack and peel off. The formula of the product is eco-friendly. It is water based with the natural wax. The oil can be used as a penetrating coat maintaining the garden furniture and other different wooden constructional components and areas.

Thinner: without thinning
Informative coverage rate: aprox 12 – 15 m2/l in on layer depends on density painted wood
Drying: touch dry: max. 2 h , repaint: max. 24 h


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  • It dries quickly and is easily applicable
  • Highly resistant to the weather conditions and humidity
  • It protects wood against UV rays
  • It makes silky matt look
  • It highlights the wood pattern
  • It includes active protection of the coat

0,75 l
2,5 l

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