EVOR V 2077

waterborne top coat intended for radiators — glossy


it is used as a top glossy coat for surface treatment of radiators and other heat-distributing piping. It may be used for new as well as for renovation of older radiators. It perfectly adheres to metal surfaces coated with suitable primers. The coat is resistant to temperatures up to 90 °C. It is characterized by minimal heat resistance and enhanced resistance to yellowing.

Thinner: water

Informative coverage rate: 6 – 7 m²/kg

Drying: touch dry: 2h, repaint: 12h


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icon interior
icon metal
icon brush
icon spray-painting
  • resistant to temperatures up to 90 °C
  • creates glossy protection layer
  • paint is of minimal heat resistance
  • used pigments are characterized by enhanced resistance to yellowing

0,8 kg

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