FERRO COLOR U 2066 mat

primer and enamel ( 2v1 ) — matt


is an alkydurethane solvent borne coating with anticorrosive properties. It is used as a primer and top enamel in one (2 in 1) for metal surfaces: steel, iron, aluminium and oxidated galvanized surface. The final coating protects the surface against corrosion, is flexible and resistant to adverse weather conditions. In comparison to ordinary resins new urethanized resin used in this product Ferro Color provides higher firmness of the coating and long-term stability of the gloss and color shade on the exposed surfaces as well.

Thinner: SYNRED S 6006, SYNRED S 6001(for spraying)

Informative coverage rate: 9 – 11 m²/l in one layer

Drying: touch dry: 2 h, repaint: 6h


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  • long-term anticorrosive protection of metal
  • 2 in 1 enamel and primer in one
  • elastic, flexible and at the same time firm
  • coating resistant to weather conditions
  • mat and semi-glossy performance

0,3 l
0,75 l
2,5 l

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