paint for very polluted walls — matt


is used as a coating in interiors or exteriors polluted with tar, nicotine, tannic acid, soot, burnt gas, rust spots, different salts dissolved in water, or other impurities. Dry coating is characterized by insulating properties, high whiteness, good covering properties, steam-permeability and very good wear-off resistance. The coating is washable.

Thinner: water
Informative coverage rate:  10 – 15 m²/l resp. 7 -10 m2/kg  in  one layer according to absorbency of the substrate
Drying: touch dry: 1h, repaint: 2 – 3 h


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icon interior
icon walls
icon brush
icon roller
icon spray-painting
  • isolates and stops the spread of unwanted spots on the surface
  • perfectly covers polluted surfaces
  • the paint is washable and abrasion resistant
  • Vapor Permeable
  • ecological product

0,75 l
6 kg

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