Polylack A

Anti-fire fireproof coat


It is used for improvement of anti-fire resistance of steel bearing structure in common interiors and exteriors. One-component, water based coating foams by the impact of heat. It makes the isolating layer on the surface of treated steel construction, which prevents from overheating of the construction on the critical temperature and required time. If it is applied in interior with relative humidity of air maximum 80%, there is no top layer needed. Because of the solvent base, the application in low temperature of air (to -5°C) is possible. After the drying process, it resists the weather conditions, so assemblage of treated steel constructions in exterior is possible without the topcoat.

Thinner: Not necessary, in the case of need it can be thinned with thinner S6001 or S6006 in the rate of max. 5%
Drying in 23°C and with the thickness of 300 microns: dust-resistant after 3 hours, touch- resistant after 24 hours, absolutely dry after 10 days

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30 kg metal bucket

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