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epoxy two-component primer


Dispersion of pigments and fillers in the liquid of semi-molecular epoxy resin and solvents with additives.

EPONAL S 2311 is used as the primer for concrete sockets, masonry, plasters. The surfaces must be clean, dry, seasoned (concrete for 4-6 months, masonry for 2-3 months). They must not contain additives for faster seasoning. Concrete must not be specifically treated by floating or steel trowel.

The rate of consolidation: 11 – 13 m2/l , resp. 7 – 8m2/kg at thickness   40 – 50µm
Thinner:  S 6300
Hardener: S 7300

S 7300 for hardening at > 10 °C
S 7301 for hardening at 0 – 10 °C
S 7302 for hardening of paints resistant to chemicals and for contact with dry food and cereals

Hardening ratio:
100 weight units 4 volume parts  of S 2311 : 1 weight units of S 7300
100 weight units 10 volume parts of S 2311 : 1 weight units of S 7301
100 weight units 10 volume parts of S 2311 : 1 weight units of S 7302


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icon concrete
icon interior
icon exterior
icon floors
icon walls
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icon spray-painting
  • Great adhesion to absorbent mineral substrates
  • Great filling quality
  • Perfect covering ability

8 l

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