Polyurethane 2 –component varnish for stone carpet — glossy


is the finishing top layer for the strengthening, revitalization and improving of stone carpets placed on house surroundings, pools, driveways, pavements, stairs, terraces and similar areas. It ensures increased protection against the UV radiation and against a mechanical aging. Varnish is applied in one layer on matured stone carpet by brush or paint roller.

Thinner: U 6051
Informative coverage rate: 2 – 3 m²/l
Drying: touch dry: max. 4 h, maturity: 24 h
Hardener: U 7081, mixing ratio 3:1, volume hardening ratio: 3:1

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  • increases the surface strength of stone carpet
  • has a revitalizing surface effect
  • increases resistance to UV radiation
  • increases mechanical wear resistance

0,6 l
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6 l

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