primer - matt


is used as a universal primer for surfaces made of metal, wood or mineral surfaces. It excels in increased corrosion protection and in the case of absorbent materials (
plaster) penetrates into the pores, thus compensating for unevenness of the surface. Thanks to its properties it adheres perfectly to the surface and ensures perfect connection with the top email.

Thinner: Synred S 6006, S 6001
Informative coverage rate: approx. 10 – 12 m² / l
Drying: Touch 30 min
repaint: S 2013 after 3 h
repaint: C 2001 after 4 days
repaint: U 2081 overcoat after 4 days


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  • increased corrosion protection of metals
  • excellent adhesion to various materials
  • provides a perfect blend of top coats with primers
  • levels a wood or mineral (absorbent) surface

0,75 l
4,5 l
9 l

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