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U 1051

polyurethane lacquer


Acrylic resin solution, organic solvents with additives and UV absorbers.
The polyurethane lacquer is designed as a top gloss transparent coating for polyurethane enamels in heavy duty applications and metallized enamels. Its use as the last layer extends the lifetime of the coatings, weathering resistance and color stability. U 1051 polyurethane varnish is also produced in U 1051 G quality – Protective paint anti-graffiti. U 1051 G polyurethane lacquer is used as a protective lacquer to spray, which can be removed with the water-soluble VODOR Graffiti remover.

Thinner: U 6051
Hardener: U 7081

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icon exterior
icon metal
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icon spray-painting
  • excellent weather resistance
  • very good gloss stability
  • universal use

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